NAVTEX warnings in force


Skagerrak (0)
Kattegat (0)
Lake Vänern and Trollhätte Canal (0)
The Sound (0)
The Belts (1)
Western Baltic (1)
Southern Baltic (2)
South-eastern Baltic (2)
Central Baltic (3)
Lake Mälaren and Södertälje Canal (0)
Northern Baltic (0)
Gulf of Riga (0)
Gulf of Finland (6)
Sea of Åland and Archipelago Sea (2)
Sea of Bothnia (1)
The Quark (0)
Bay of Bothnia (1)
Other lakes and canals (0)

Latest Update of Navigational Warnings: 2024-07-19 18:09

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The availability of Navigational Warnings on the web does not relieve Masters of the requirement to receive Navigational Warnings via IMO/IHO approved broadcast systems.

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